The Mill Creek Golf Course is and has been undergoing an overall renovation project to restore the Course back to its original concept and design. 
As originally designed, the Course is part of the overall stormwater management system for the entire Mill Creek residential development.  A properly functioning stormwater management system is necessary in order to provide a conduit to freely move water throughout the course, and the residential neighborhoods of Mill Creek itself. 
As part of the restoration process many of the “out of bounds” areas are being cleared of invasive trees and other plants and vegetation that have overtaken those areas.  These areas will be returned to their original mesic prairie seed blend that belongs in these areas.
Once the restoration project is complete, ownership and management are committed to properly maintaining the Course, the related stormwater basins and overland conveyances as they were originally designed.  We thank you for your concerns and patience as we work through this essential restoration process
Mill Creek Golf Club
39W525 Herrington Drive
Geneva, IL 60134
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